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Grow your business by engaging with your target audience like never before.
Raise awareness and Reach a huge audience with the most engaging screen on mobile: The Lockscreen.

Increase Sales

Drive repeat purchases and boost revenue growth for your business.


Cut Marketing costs

Reach customers through multiple channels – all in one place.


Promote your branding

Get your brand noticed and drive more traffic to your business.

Revolutionizing the way
consumers connect with brands.


Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Access real-time campaign redemption data through your peeplytics dashboard.


Drive Incremental Sales

Reach new audiences, re-activate lapsed shoppers and drive higher average tickets across loyalists.

iPhone frame

100% Pay-for-Performance

Stop paying for prints and clips. We don't believe brands should pay for marketing that does not result in measurable sales


True Brand Engagement

Educate consumers through videos, infographic lockscreen ads, quizzes, and 10+ other brand engagements.

Peepscreen merchant-side features


Customizable Rewards

Reward your loyal fans with discounts, vouchers, cashback and reward items of your choice.


Customer Insights

Understand customer behaviour and adjust your offers accordingly.


Marketing Campaigns

Promote your offers with targeted marketing campaigns via email, social and push notifications.


Mobile Loyalty App

Improve your mobile presence and engage customers wherever they are.


Referral Programs

Encourage existing customers to promote your business and bring in new clients.


Customer Tiering

Make your most profitable customers feel special and reward them accordingly.

Geo Targeted Reach

Peepscreen reaches your audience over 50 times a day.Know your consumer like never before as Peepscreen provides you unprecedented access to the perfect consumer at the perfect time.

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